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Our Purpose & Values 

Our Purpose 

"To make the planet a better place for future generations through
  growing the green energy sector to create a better environment and   opportunities where communities can thrive."


"Prosperity for everyone. Bringing together the right people to       successfully develop projects in the UK and globally that have

  a positive impact; environmentally, socially and economically."



"Through building long term alliances with investment partners     and UK supply chain companies and using our trusted network

  to develop renewable energy projects that benefit the          

  communities in which they are located."




We trust in our team, their recommendations, acting with integrity at all times.  We will be open and honest in our dealings with each other ensuring that we prioritise effective communication to enable everyone to understand how they can support the growth of the company safely and sustainably.



To our people, our partners, the communities in which

we work, the environment, wildlife and ultimately our planet, understanding that there needs to be a balance between the environment and the growth of green energy. 



In how we work both with one another and with all of our partners and stakeholders. By operating in a collaborative way we will develop a positive reputation that enables us to deliver on our promises



Change will be constant and we will develop at pace, which will require the team to be adaptable and accepting that situations will be fluid and the requirements of everyone may be different

at different times.

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