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Social Regeneration
Investing in sustainable community schemes
& social development programmes

Expert Delivery
Bringing the right people together to provide expert advice and delivery

Prosperity Energy works on the development of global renewable energy projects, from wind and tidal to solar and hydrogen. We work closely with site owners, technology developers and the local community to develop projects that contribute to the growth of the green energy sector and benefit the areas where our projects are based.


Our team of experts have a wealth of project experience in the renewable energy sector. They can both advise and deliver major programmes. Working with our skilled supply chain and project delivery partners we support projects from early-stage development through to consent, construction and operation.

Our work helps us assist social and economic regeneration through our social enterprise fund. Using profits to provide a charitable fund, working with community organisations to help deliver local, sustainable initiatives. 

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Prosperity Energy
Developing global renewable energy projects to create opportunities for all

Green Energy 
Supporting large-scale global
renewable projects 

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